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Bridge Hydrogen s.a. - Engineering in Water and Environmental Sanitation

About the company

We are benchmarks in the lithium mining industry, leaders in technology and custom equipment for the treatment of water and effluents that
is in accordance with the requirements of the industry and its processes, with various cases of success in the market, we add value and benefits for the water purification extraction.

Our technology allows you not only to extract, but also to isolate and separate elements in different steps, offering the best technical and economic solution, building under the highest quality standards.

We have a diverse team of Engineers and expert consultants, to face multiple projects and challenges, helping the client to turn their operations management into a competitive advantage.

Our Business units are divided into four pillars:

1. Water
2. Chemicals and Supplies
3. Electromechanical Works
4. Environmental Sanitation and Renewable Energies

We invite you to see our institutional and that within the framework of the event we can be in contact for a pleasant conversation, to be part of your projects.


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