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Sorcia Minerals LLC

About the company

Sorcia Minerals LLC was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Ensorcia Metals Corporation, which headquarters are located in the United States.

Since its creation, Sorcia was conceived as an industry for the future, with the aim of becoming the most sustainable and efficient lithium extraction technology from brines on the planet.

Sorcia's commitment is to positively impact nearby communities and care for the environment as effectively as possible. That is why in recent years we have constantly worked in search of new and better technologies, not only to be more efficient in the process of extraction of lithium present in the brines of the salars, but also to be sustainable in all our process, developing a technology that uses very little water in its process. In this way, Sorcia does not use the water found in the salar or its surrounding areas, but instead uses the industrial water that is transported to the place of operation of the plant.

Sorcia Minerals is committed to contribute to the development of a sustainable electromobility industry, where the entire mineral extraction chain that makes it possible is equally sustainable. Sorcia Minerals has always thought big and we envision opportunities by embracing new ways of thinking and working.

Sorcia Minerals is the industry of the future, because the future of energy is electric and the future is already here.


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Rodrigo Dupouy Bunster

Country Manager, Sorcia Minerals LLC

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